Many houses come with fitted wardrobes already in the bedrooms, but if your house does not have them, they are easy enough to fit wherever you have the space;  they can in fact be quite space-saving; particularly if you choose sliding doors. These sliding wardrobes will fit neatly into a recessed space or are ideal in a small room with a small double mattress that does not have enough space for doors to open outwards.


These wardrobes typically have hanging space, shelves, drawers and shoe racks; exactly what is needed to fit your requirements and they can be made to measure to your own specs.


You can even have a fitted wardrobe across the length of a complete wall; three double-door wardrobes with shelves in between or at the ends; or maybe two large wardrobes and a dressing table in the middle with overhead cupboards. The ideas are endless for fitted bedroom furniture which can be designed according to the space and shape of the room.


Where there is a vertical support beam on one wall, the space between the beam and the adjoining wall is an ideal spot for fitted wardrobes; either one or two door, or if it is too narrow for that then maybe for a shelf unit.


Wardrobes with sliding doors are better for a room that has a long wall to be fitted with wardrobes, but not much width to allow for hinged doors. An ideal solution in this situation would be sliding wardrobes with mirrored doors; which gives the illusion of a much wider room.


Fitted wardrobes can be made to match any existing bedroom furniture, whether in wood or veneer, laminated or metal framed, traditional or modern style; or you could replace the whole thing and have a complete fitted bedroom designed especially for your room. You can have sliding wardrobes built to be “invisible”, so they look like they are part of a wood paneled wall, until you slide it to one side. In the same way a hinged door can be built flush to wood paneling, where a light touch will release a spring catch and the door will open to reveal a hidden wardrobe behind.


You will even find special wardrobe designs for children’s rooms which can be shaped and painted in a variety of designs to represent your child’s favorite themes or characters. Where you don’t have room for a fitted wardrobe, then a freestanding wardrobe can be matched with a cabin bed that has drawers and shelves underneath, to provide your child with adequate storage space, even in a very small room.


A quick Internet search for either fitted wardrobes or sliding wardrobes will reveal various ideas for you to take into consideration when refitting your bedroom, or when you just want to add a wardrobe. Some of these come in flat packs for you to fit yourself, while others are supplied and installed by professional fitters. You can even have these professionals come to your home and measure the room so they can give you a design plan and an estimate.