Bad smells, limescale encrusted in the shower, the mold that forms on the ceiling because of the steam: the cleaning of the bathroom is certainly not a walk, and often you earn, with equal ironing and cleaning the oven or glasses, the award of “most hated household”.

Luckily there are some simple tricks that you just need to follow to simplify your life and make cleaning the bathroom less tiring. The main advice: the cleaner, the cleaner. Be careful and clean and dry the most critical areas, if not every day, at least a couple of times a week, will help you avoid large deposits and dirt that cannot be removed. But here are our six favorite tips:

1. The importance of cleaning the toilet

Nobody likes it but everyone has to do it: clean the toilet. In fact, it is very simple: for the superficial cleaning you can use a classic detergent, a rag and for the inside area the toilet brush.

Very important is to remember to have different rags and sponges for the rest of the house and the bathroom: you will not want to spread all the germs of the toilet in the rest of the rooms!

Also clean outside the cup, up to the edge with the floor. Remember to also take a look at our rather exhaustive guide on how to thoroughly clean different types of toilet and toilet.

How to get rid of water stains? But of course with baking soda or vinegar! Leave for a long time – it would be ideal to remarry all night, and then you can remove the most persistent residues with the toilet brush. Say goodbye to the last stretches of dirt using a cream of slightly more aggressive, to purge, or creating a dense mixture with sodium bicarbonate and water. With the Tile cleaning company this is a very important part now.

Pay particular attention to the metal hinges:

They must be cleaned regularly to avoid the formation of rust, remove and dry them carefully. And those perfumers that stick to the edge of the toilet, to give off pleasant fragrances and make the froth? If possible, avoid them, not only do not have any cleaning or sanitizing action, but make the work of waste water treatment plants even more difficult.

2. Cleaning the tiles

Thanks to their smooth surface, the tiles are very easy to clean: just normal household cleaners and a sponge clean. For the encrusted dirt the usual slightly more aggressive foam is fine, and will make the tiles as new.

For the cleaning of tiles, a rather bizarre ecological alternative is orange peel.Rub the tiles with the inside of the peel and let the substances contained make their effect. Finish cleaning by only rinsing with water and remove lime scale deposits with a damp sponge. The professional touch is as usual added a bit of bicarbonate or use vinegar. The more insistent it is the dirt, the longer you have to let the agents act that dissolve lime scale and dirt.