Solid wood floors are excellent for all types of interior rooms. They can be installed on any slab, clean, smooth and without irregularities radier, provided they have an adequate moisture barrier, as this floor is very sensitive to moisture from the subsoil.

They can also be installed on other types of surfaces, such as flexit or wood in good condition and level. In the case of assembly it is possible to use a floor support as support. For the best best flooring Singapore companies this happens to be a very important matter.

Know here all the variety of floors in porcelain

Irregular surfaces

Adhesives to glue porcelain can adjust level differences in the surface where it is going to be installed, but it is recommended that a study be made on the state of the soil, since in case of differences exceeding 1.5 cm it will be necessary to match with a leveler.

Beware of increasing the level of the floor

The height of the tiles and the load of adhesive that will be applied on the base floor will increase the level of finished floor. This can affect the opening of doors, encounter with other pavements, removal of dust covers or furniture, as the case may be.

The repair professionals at home, very often detected in the services that make attempts to fix something, that finally or has not been achieved due to lack of knowledge or time, or has really deteriorated significantly after the intervention of inexperienced hands , resulting in many cases futile the attempt to fix something already unsalvageable.

In addition to maintaining the home, it is also important to distinguish between jobs with lower or higher risk:

Because it is not the same to try to repair a chipping on the wall with a little paint, which will only remain as a small fudge, that will try to save you the labor cost of a plumber when it comes to fixing a pipeline with water leak, which requires professional experience and knowledge to achieve effectiveness and guaranteed duration, avoiding subsequent damage with greater repercussions, inconvenience, responsibilities and expenses. You can keep your trust over the reputable home cleaning services now.

In any case, to become a true maintenance professional, you need to have a large arsenal of good tools, which make the task more complex, much easier and easier as they pretend to make us believe in DIY programs , or in the catalogs of the companies that sell them, but beware, because they are not worth the toy tools that you can find on offer, or in a shop all at 1 euro.